Varied Cake Pops by the dozen. item#F154


  • 12 vanilla chocolate covered cake pops filled with a white cake and vanilla filling. (Option 2 has one chocolate covered cake pop filled with a chocolate cake and chocolate filling)
  • Choose your theme (topping, color). Email us
  • Option for other flavors, such as; chocolate, red velvet, strawberry, lemon, etc.
  • Each item is hand decorated and made with the finest and freshest ingredients to bring you the most delicious homemade cake pop.
  • During warmer months (typically March - through October) we use insulated boxes and ice packs to ensure safe delivery of the cake pops. There is a 10 dollar upcharge included in the shipping for over night delivery. Please make sure you pick a date when you will be home so the cake pops get to you as soon as possible. :)
  • These cake pops come in beautifully decorated packaging with a bow and a fancy tag. 
  • Individually wrapped with twist tie = $.25 cents
  • Individually wrapped with twist ribbon = $.50 cents