2 doz. Cake pops on Golden Fall Festive Ship display (200$ RENTAL FEE). item #A018

Please specify the date of arrival. MUST BE NO EARLIER THAN 10 DAYS FROM TODAY. (For example if today is December 1st, you must choose a date after December 11th.)

  • Our Golden Fall Festive Ship dessert display loaded with deliciously delightful cake pops ready to sail to your destination.  
  • Each item is hand decorated and made with the finest and freshest ingredients to bring you the most delicious homemade cake pops.

  • 24 chocolate cake pops ($2 each, total $48). 
  • Option to add on an extra dozen cake pops ($24)
  • Option to add 2 extra dozen cake pops ($48)
  • Option for other flavors, such as: pumpkin spice, caramel apple, red velvet, vanilla, lemon, etc.
  • $20 delivery fee including drop off and pick up (will be charged as a shipping fee)
  • Golden Fall Festive Ship as dessert display (Optional): $25 rental fee for the dessert display and $200 deposit for the dessert display will be returned to you after we receive the display back.
  • For 150$ you can buy the ship