This dessert display can fit up to 45 cake pops. item#C143

Please specify the location and time you would like the stand dropped off, or email us to discuss the details.

  • This  cake pop stand holds 45 ($2 each, total $90) cake pops. If you need more, order two stands, total 90 cake pops (optional)
  • 45 vanilla chocolate covered cake pops filled with a white cake and vanilla filling. (Option for other flavors, such as: chocolate, red velvet, strawberry, lemon, etc.) 
  • Option to customize color theme (Send us an Email)
  • Dessert stand (OPTIONAL): $15 rental fee for the one dessert stand; 100$ deposit for one dessert stand, will be returned to you after we receive the stand
  • Custom display decoration available (flowers, ribbons)
  • Individually wrapped with twist tie = $.25 cents each (optional) 
  • Individually wrapped with twist ribbon = $.50 cents each (optional) 
  • 20$ delivery (shipping) fee including drop off and pick up